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  • Mesh & Texture from Sims 3 Palace of Versailles Store Set
  • Vertices:  5107 / Polygons: 6744
  • 8 recolors
  • found under suits  in CAS

DOWNLOAD (simfileshare, no adfly)

Guys I finally did it! I managed to convert an outfit from sims 3 to sims 4! And all thanks to the tutorial by the wonderful @cepzid . This is a conversion from the Palace of Versailles store set, because I’m really into playing a 18th century / rococo inspired game at the moment. 

Hair used in the preview is by Kiara Zurk and is found HERE
  • Mesh & Texture from Sims 3 Palace of Versailles - store set
  • Polygons: 6694 / Vertices: 5231
  • 5 Recolors
  • Found under suits in CAS

DOWNLOAD  (Simsfileshare, no adfly)


DOWNLOAD (simfileshare, no adfly)
  • Needs THIS mesh by Cepzid Sims Studio (includes 2 children outfits, the dress is what you need)
  • Comes in 20 recolors
  • Found under long dresses in CAS

DOWNLOAD (simfileshare)

This dress was converted by Cepzid Sims Studio and because I seriously love it, I decided to make a few recolors for it :)

DOWNLOAD (simfileshare, no adfly)

I know this is far from typical coming from me but I’ve recently been toying with the idea of starting a 70′s inspired game (or maybe 50′s or 60′s) and so I wanted to see if I could get inspired by making some cc and that’s how these loose fitting and high waist-ed jeans were born! I just call them chunky when compared to the modern tight-fitting jeans. 
Thanks to @deetron-sims who gave me a suggestion on how to improve these (aka never forget the creases!)
  • Mesh by me (edited from a CL outfit)
    • Vertices: 829  / Polygons: 1220
  • Texture from CL, recolored by me
  • 2 versions
    • Ripped / Distressed
  • All come in 10 recolors
  • Found under jeans in CAS
  • Feel free to re-texture or color (I can even send you the psd. file), but please don’t include the mesh)

DOWNLOAD NORMALS (simfileshare, no adfly)

DOWNLOAD DISTRESSED (simfileshare, no adfly)

DOWNLOAD BOTH (simfileshare, no adfly)


  • Meshes converted from The Sims Medieval
  • Custom fabric textures
  • All 5 fabric textures available for the sofa
  • 1 fabrix texture per chair
  • Found under armchairs / sofas in build mode

DOWNLOAD (simfileshare)

Credit goes to wmsimscreations who first converted these to sims 3. 
I’d also recommend you get the Royal Arch which was converted to Sims 4 by @zx-ta and you can get it here.
Lion Arch
  • Vertices: 6042 / Polygons: 5924
  • Comes with 6 recolors
  • Available for the highest wall height (but found under the lowest wall doors in CAS)
Jacoban Arch
  • Vertices: 2512 / Polygons: 1910
  • Comes with 6 recolors
  • Available for the middle & highest wall height (but found under the lowest wall doors in CAS)


DOWNLOAD LION ARCH (simfileshare)

DOWNLOAD BOTH (simfileshare)

Here’s a few blacksmith’s essential items like forge, anvil and bellows converted from The Sims Medieval. The anvil works as a woodwork desk so you can have your blacksmith build items too. 
Credit goes to vmsimscreations for converting these first to sims 3 and which I used to make these.
  • Forge (deco) 
    • Vertices: 789 / Polygons: 544
  • Bellows (deco)
    • Vertices: 1709 / Polygons: 1300
  • Coal (deco)
    • Vertices: 323 / Polygons: 346
  • Anvil (woodwork table)
    • Vertices: 1646 / Polygons: 2191


DOWNLOAD (simfileshare)