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I love this rug from the Sims Medieval, it’s just perfect for medieval living rooms especially when placed in front of fireplaces (although who’d want this in their homes in real life is beyond me) 
It comes in 5 recolors (the dark brown and white are original and the black, grey and light brown were done by me) 

Credit goes to Delonariel who first converted this from TSM to TS2 before I converted it from TS2 to TS4.

The other objects shown in the pictures can be found following the links:

Wallpaper: Ineliz
Stone flooring: My blog
Windows: My blog
Fireplace: Brial-Immortelle
End Table: My blog
Chair: My blog

DOWNLOAD (Mediafire)

Credit goes to Delonariel who first converted these to Sims 2 and which meshes and textures I used here. 
DOWNLOAD (Mediafire)

Although I’m not doing ancient Greece or Rome in my challenge I’m currently building a villa which needed some more frescos so I made these. They each cost 7 simoleons in the game and can be found under the painted walls category in the wallpaper section.  

DOWNLOAD (Mediafire)

I edited this top from the Vampire Stuff Pack shirt and was going to use it as a part of a different whole body outfit I was making, but then I came up with the idea to share the top separately as well because I really liked the look of it.
I think this works well with high waist skirts and trousers. The one in the previews is from City Life, but @blogsimplesimmer has done amazing base game compatible jeans that you can use too if you’d like.
  • Base game compatible
  • Mesh by me (Vertices: 2761 /  Polygons: 3846)
  • 20 Swatches 
  • Not allowed for random (the shirt might look strange with low fitted trousers and skirts)

DOWNLOAD (Mediafire, no adfly)

Here’s a casual dress I made for the late Edwardian period sims ladies.  
  • Re-texture of  @paffinasims ‘s Origami Dress
    • You need THIS MESH for this to show up in your game
  • 12 Swatches
  • Found under long dresses in CAS

DOWNLOAD (Simfileshare, no adfly)

I wasn’t planning on doing more prehistoric clothes but this was just a small edit of that one base game outfit that I did since I thought it looked kinda nice without the trousers, boots and the one sleeve.
WARNING:  This outfit does NOT have underwear in it so when the sims sits down etc. you might get some interesting views. ;)
  • Base game compatible
  • 1 swatch
  • Vertices: 3734 / Polygons: 5692
  • Found under underwear + swimsuits in CAS

DOWNLOAD (Mediafire, no adfly)

I’m going back to my cc making roots with this lovely wallpaper. I hope you like it. 
  • 4 Swatches
  • Prize in game: 4 simoleons
  • Texture by: Bradbury

DOWNLOAD (simfileshare, no adfly)

Hi all! I made this simple little pose set for my Edwardian Windenburg story and here it is for you to use as well. :)
  • 6 poses in total (3 for men, 3 for women)
    • Named according to gender to distinguish the poses, obviously can use with same sex sims as well.
  • Use with:


DOWNLOAD (mediafire, no adfly)

I was supposed to upload this a long while ago but it got under all the other stuff I’ve been making. 
You can get the ADULT version >here<
  • Mesh by KiaraZurk (included)
  • Texture from Sims 3 Dragon Valley
  • Base game compatible
  • 9 swatches
  • found under long dresses in CAS

DOWNLOAD (Mediafire, no adfly)

Another suit for men. This one combines the vest from Vintage Glamour and the coat from Get to Work added together with trousers. 
  • Custom mesh by me (included)
  • Base game compatible
  • Found whole outfit & under suits in CAS
  • Vertices: 5988 / Polygons: 8799
  • Comes in 8 recolors

 DOWNLOAD (simfileshare, no adfly)

I’m trying to learn make more stuff for men (before it was harder for me because I didn’t know how to mesh edit so I had to rely on re-texturing) but now that I do it’s beginning to feel easier. I’m starting with this casual but still stylish suit that combines the vest from Base game and the coat from Get to Work. 

  • Base game compatible
  • Vertices: 4000 / Polygons: 5652
  • 5 recolors
  • Found under suits in CAS

DOWNLOAD (mediafire, no adfly)
 I wanted toddlers to have something to wear that was from between formal and informal and so I came up with this sweater shirt. Textures come from kids’ get together sweater. 
The knee high socks the boy is wearing can be found here.

DOWNLOAD (simfileshare, no adfly)

There wasn’t any higher socks available for toddlers so I fiddled little with the textures and made these. I think these will look good with skirts and shorts.

The tot in the preview picture is wearing this hair.

DOWNLOAD (simfileshare, no adfly)
I wanted to make something for toddlers too and so I converted this hat which I think looks just adorable on toddlers. :)
  • Basegame compatible
  • Verices: 544 / Polygons: 726
  • 12 Maxis Match Textures (also converted from child version)
  • Available for both genders

DOWNLOAD (simfileshare)