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Here’s a few blacksmith’s essential items like forge, anvil and bellows converted from The Sims Medieval. The anvil works as a woodwork desk so you can have your blacksmith build items too. 
Credit goes to vmsimscreations for converting these first to sims 3 and which I used to make these.
  • Forge (deco) 
    • Vertices: 789 / Polygons: 544
  • Bellows (deco)
    • Vertices: 1709 / Polygons: 1300
  • Coal (deco)
    • Vertices: 323 / Polygons: 346
  • Anvil (woodwork table)
    • Vertices: 1646 / Polygons: 2191


DOWNLOAD (simfileshare)

This is cloned from one of the Outdoor Retreat tents so it works as one too. I tried to scale it so that sims, both adults and kids, would enter & exit smoothly. It's non-default so it won't replace the original tents.

EDIT ON 4/16/2017

(The mesh is originally from Sims 3 which HafiseAzale first converted to Sims 2 and which I then used to make this)

DOWNLOAD (simfileshare)

This is a little thing I made to bring some extra fun to the Medieval times in Sims 4. It’s a minor mod that makes it look like your sims are practicing sword fighting while they build up their stamina. (Although in essence it’s just the sims beating a medieval-looking punching bag with accessory swords in their hand)


  1. Boxing without Gloves Mod (made by me, found HERE) 
  2. Swords as CAS accessories (made by me, found HERE)
  3. Sword Fight Training Dummies as boxing bags (comes with this download)


  1. Insert the “Boxing without gloves mod”, the dummies and the swords into your Mods folder
  2. In game: Make the sim wear the swords with their athletic outfit
  3. Click on the armored or canvas dummy and make the sims punch it


Because the animation still consists of the sims punching the bag with their hands there are two major issues which prevent this too look 100% authentic:
  • When the sims interact with the dummies, the swords’ positioning is off (seen in the last picture) 
  • The swords clip with sims (second to last picture)

So it definitely isn’t without faults, but I hope it’s better than nothing. I will update this if I can find a way to solve those problems.


INFO on the practice dummies (=punching bags) :

  • Canvas Version
    • Vertices: 827 / Polygons: 796
  • Armored Version
    • Vertices: 1061 / Polygons: 1024
  • Both found in hobbies

Here’s the swords converted from The Sims Medieval I’ve been promising to upload! Also just a heads up, I’ll soon also be uploading a small mod concerning these babies.

  • 9 Swords in total (8 for adults + 1 for kids)
  • Found under rings in CAS (only right handed)
  • All are available for both female and male
  • All come in one file (so you can pick and choose)

  • Standard Sword (Vertices: 316 / Polygons:297 )

  • Base Symbol Sword (Vertices: 492 / Polygons: 538)

  • Rope Sword (Vertices:460 / Polygons:375)

  • Elegant Sword (Vertices:487 / Polygons:438)

  • Wooden Sword (Vertices: 352 / Polygons: 272)

  • Narrow Blade Sword (Vertices: 462/ Polygons:434)

  • Crude Sword (Vertices:460 / Polygons:480)

  • Skull Sword (Vertices: 507/ Polygons:490)

  • Children's Sword (Vertices:684 / Polygons:748)

The pose in the 1st preview picture is by @matchagreenmidori
Ps. I’ve uploaded the rope sword before but I hope you will replace it with this newer version as I did some fine tuning with it.

DOWNLOAD (simfileshare)

Must have for every Medieval kingdom!
  • Vertices: 2696 / Polygons: 2668
  • Found in armchairs
  • 6 recolors

DOWNLOAD (simfileshare)


>DOWNLOAD WITH TIARA< (Simfileshare)

I converted this from TSM, but instead of using it as a fireplace I thought it would make a good medieval oven for Sims 4, since there’s not many of them around. 
There’s two downsides though. When the sims cook with this oven the pans and etc. will appear in odd places (seen in the last 2 pictures) due to the cloned EA oven, and the other is that I couldn’t think of a way how to get the logs burning in flames. 
  • Vertices: 4501 / Polygons: 3061
  • Due to its height, this item is only suitable for the middle length and highest walls
  • Found in ovens in the kitchen category

DOWNLOAD (simfileshare)